Monday, January 5, 2009

Name That Bird

Twebrew Schools’ adorable blue mascot has spent the last two years busily promoting Jewish Treats and the Aleph Bet through Twebrew School to Jews of all walks of life.

For three years he has been the nameless face of Jewish Treats and Twebrew School. Our in office team called him whatever came to mind: Tveety, TweetyBird, the little blue bird, etc.

One day, though, the happy mascot looked sad.

“I want a real name!” he declared. “I want a proper Hebrew name.”

And so we turn to you. Help us name this adorable bid with a real Hebrew name.

Vote for one of these names or submit your own suggestion:

A Hebrew Dictionary That Might Inspire You
Tzipor - Bird
Chaim - Life
Ivrit - Hebrew
Oaf - Fowl
K'chol - Blue
Katan - Small


  1. How about "Ivritweet?" - @BriguyBlock

  2. I vote for tziuts, Americanized as Toots (or Tootsie).

  3. Tidhar or "Twe"dhar ? Pronounced like that it sounds a little bit like twitter. birds live in trees.... I think its cute.... Twedhar Tzipor??

  4. Katan Tzipor bar K'chol Tzipor? Kind of a "proper" Hebrew name, since it includes the parent. Call him Katz for short. :D