Thursday, November 19, 2009

Twebrew School Instructional Video: Lesson 14 & 15

Since Lesson 13 in our Hebrew primer (receive your copy by registering here) is a review, we skip ahead to Lessons 14 & 15. Today, we learn how to read the letter Lamed as well as a new vowel which makes an Ay sound, like you'd hear in the word Snake.


  1. There is some value in this system, but the book and lessons leave a LOT to be desired. When you put sentences in the book, you should put a corresponding translation next to it so that one can understand what is being written. You also should provide more understanding of how words are formed otherwise none of it makes sense. Grammar rules are necessary to the understanding of a language. You cannot omit them and expect people to really understand what they are reading or saying.

  2. If these lessons are for beginners, then the speed of reading words is too fast, because when you are trying to figure out the syllables of each word, the instructor has gone on to the next word. What's the point. I find the speed of presentation of the letters acceptable. Perhaps, the orginators of this video series should look at how Norman Willis of Nazarene Israel does it.
    Anyway, thanks for the videos. Quality:80 marks out of 100.

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